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Ethics Leisure Presents Cutting-Edge Solutions for Neurological Rehabilitation at ACPIN Conference 2024

Annual ACPIN Conference:

The annual ACPIN Conference, hosted by one of the largest Professional Networks recognized by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, is an event eagerly awaited by professionals in the field of neurological rehabilitation. This year, attendees can expect an innovative showcase from Ethics Leisure, a leading provider of rehabilitation equipment, at booth G4. Ethics Leisure is proud to present its latest offerings tailored to the needs of neurologically impaired adults and their caregivers.

Ethics Leisure:

At the heart of Ethics Leisure’s exhibit are the Total Gym Power Tower and Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass. These state-of-the-art machines are engineered to provide comprehensive rehabilitation solutions. The Total Gym Power Tower offers versatility and adaptability, allowing physiotherapists to customize workouts to suit each patient’s unique needs. Meanwhile, the Total Gym ELEVATE Encompass provides a holistic approach to rehabilitation, targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously to improve strength, balance, and mobility.

In addition to these flagship products, Ethics Leisure is unveiling the Core-Tex Reactive Trainer and Core-Tex Sit. These dynamic tools add a new dimension to neurorehabilitation by incorporating reactive training principles. The Core-Tex Reactive Trainer challenges patients to engage their core and stabilizing muscles in response to unpredictable movements, enhancing balance and proprioception. Meanwhile, the Core-Tex Sit offers a seated option for patients with mobility limitations, allowing for targeted exercises that improve trunk stability and functional movement patterns.

What sets us apart:

What sets Ethics Leisure apart is its commitment to ethical practices and patient-centered care. Each product is designed with input from physiotherapy professionals to ensure effectiveness and safety. Moreover, Ethics Leisure prioritizes sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes wherever possible.

Visitors to booth G4 can expect live demonstrations of Ethics Leisure’s innovative equipment, as well as opportunities to engage with knowledgeable representatives who can provide insights into how these tools can enhance rehabilitation programs. Whether you’re a seasoned physiotherapy practitioner or a newcomer to the field, Ethics Leisure invites you to discover the future of neurological rehabilitation at the ACPIN Conference 2024.

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